Appalachian Trail Thru-hike Day 10 April 1, 2017, Dick’s Gap to Deep Gap

This was no April fool’s day. I hiked a few miles and came to a dirt road at Blue Ridge Gap where there were more trail angels cooking breakfast burritos and giving out free beer. I stayed there for a good hour stuffing my face and talking to our host who thru-hiked the AT in 2005. She said she envied us and wanted to do it again with us. It was hard leaving the good food but especially her kindness, behind, but forward I had to go.

Trail Angels at Blue Ridge Gap

Later that day I made it to another milestone. I kissed Georgia goodbye, hello North Carolina. One state down thirteen more to go.

It was a long day. I hiked fifteen miles today the most I have ever done in one day and I was tired.

As I slowly walked into the campsite at Deep Gap, I was greeted by my group of friends that had long past me that day and, to my surprise, more trail angels. They were cooking hamburgers and giving out FREE BEER. I have never tasted a better burger or colder beer in my life. We started a fire, and about twenty of us sat around it as our host told us stories of their thru-hike several years ago. When it was time for bed, I got into my tent and fell fast asleep. I don’t think l have ever slept as good as I did that night.

I’m now 85.1 miles into the AT. This was my best day on the trail so far.

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