Appalachian Trail Thru-hike Day 6 March 28, 2017, Neels Gap to Poplar Stamp Gap

Off on my own

Sadly Dorthy and I parted ways today. She was hiking way to fast for me, and I did not want to hurt myself trying to keep up with her. We traded numbers and said we would keep up with each other’s journeys.

It was hard leaving the cabin’s comforts, but it was a beautiful morning, and the trail was beckoning me. I started the morning walking thru Mountain Crossings covered walkway. It is the only covering on the entire Appalachian Trail. Even though I did not have a hiking partner to hike with today, I still met many people along the way. Being by myself on the trail gave me time to stop a savor the moment when it came to things like listening to the birds sing or the sounds of flowing water at a spring.

Mountain Crossings Appalachian Trail

For lunchtime, I stopped at the top of Crowrock Mountain. There I found a large flat slab of rocks to sit down. It provided an excellent view of the many rolling hills and mountains in the distance.

Crowrock Mountain Appalachian Trail

Later in the day, I ran into more Trail Magic at Tesnatee Gap. I still can’t get over the fact that people will drive out to a remote section of the trail to meet us hikers and help us in any way they can. He had set up several tables filled with all kinds of treats for us hungry hikers.

Trail Magic at Tesnatee Gap Appalachian Trail

When I got into camp at Poplar Stamp Gap for the night, I met a great group of hikers. We talked for hours about our adventures on the trail. We watched a beautiful sunset over the mountains, and then we were treated to about a million stars in the sky.
I’m now 44.2 miles into the AT. Today was my best day on the trail so far.

Tent site at Poplar Stamp Gap

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